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ASKaPRO is one of the oldest and most reliable webhosting firms in South Carolina, providing professional online services since 1998. Thanks to our wonderful customers and their word- of- mouth promotion, ASKaPRO has grown to include clients in 15 states and 3 foreign countries, and has expanded into other services.  If you are not currently one of our customers, contact us today for information on how we can provide top-notch Internet and web hosting services for you at reasonable cost! 
ASKaPRO provides Internet Domain Registration services through our website - selling domain names at some of the lowest prices in the nation.  We provide backend Internet services for other website companies through our service.  Our SEO and Email marketing services have assisted many companies to reach their marketing goals. 
Our robust Apache Servers are leased from, located at, and maintained by GoDaddy Data Services.  They are powered by Linux, support all major programming languages - as well as Open Source Software such as Wordpress, Moodle, Drugal, and more.
Because of our extensive experience in online services, our ASKaPRO Speaker Service is ready to give a relevant presentation to your organization on a variety of subjects. 
Whatever your need, we can help you!
ASKaPRO Online Services (TM)
Glenn Oster, owner
613 Mallard Lakes Dr.,  Lexington, SC  29072

Did you receive an unrecognized credit card charge from ASKaPRO?  The charge is NOT from our company, but from a different company that uses ASKaPRO for their credit card name. 

Repeat: this charge was NOT from our company.  

It appears you were scammed by a company called  You probably gave them your credit Card info for a small amount (e.g. $5.00) for a trial, not realizing they will charge you more each month.  You will need to contact them for refunds and to stop the charges.  Their phone number is 800 240 1371  and website is

Some of the ASKaPRO Services
Everything you need to give your Web site the reliable, high-performance home it deserves! 
As low as $10.00/mo!
More Information... 
SEO Services - Search Optimization will help your website be found.
Email Marketing - Promote your site via permission-based email. 
Traffic Stats - Gather website data.
We now provide webmasters with advanced services that they can resell to their clients at reasonable rates. Contact us for more information
ASKaPRO Speaker Services
Whether you need a humorous, motivational, inspirational or technical speaker, ASKaPRO owner Glenn Oster's extensive and diverse range of experiences makes him a smart choice for your next program!
Simple & Inexpensive E-mail and Phone Text Messaging Services.  No more "phone trees"!
Lake Murray's Top Directory of Businesses and Services. Find everything you need about Lake Murray here!    (More Information)
The Home LLC
A new venture for ASKaPRO!  We are part of a group of Lexington Country Investors who buy, remodel and rent or resell homes.
Technology...with a Face! 
Meet the local people who make technology work.  Support these local entrepreneurs!

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As well as the services listed above on the right, ASKaPRO also provides specialized medical online services at, Domain Registration services at, Webhosting services at, and email and paging text messaging at  ASKaPRO also promotes local technology companies through and ASKaPRO is a Preferred Vendor in the Columbia, South Carolina Web Design Firms Directory and Columbia, South Carolina Web Hosting Directory at, and was chosen by Delta Sky magazine to be listed as one of the top 10 webhosts in the Southeastern United States.  ASKaPRO is a WildWest (GoDaddy) Domain reseller.  ASKaPRO also partners with Kionic to provide webhosting services.