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Glenn Oster is available to provide an interesting and economical presentation for your next conference, organization or club meeting on a variety of timely and interesting subjects.
His unique and appealing style is a result of extensive and diverse experiences: Growing up on a cattle and grain ranch in North Dakota taught him work ethics; his training and ministry as a Lutheran pastor taught him communication skills - how to motivate and encourage people; thirteen years in the newspaper industry taught him the nuances and importance of public relations, advertising and customer service; and ten years as a technology professional gives him an understanding of how technology affects every aspect of our lives. As a 15+ year member of the Toastmasters' organization, Glenn has achieved advanced communication and leadership certifications. As an educator, he has taught adult and youth classes.
Glenn's experiences in his diverse careers, as well as his humorous experiences, provides an unique and interesting background for his variety of presentations. 
Whatever your presentation needs may be, Glenn's wide range of experiences makes him a smart choice for your next speaker! 
Although Glenn prefers to create presentations tailored to the organization's needs, his most requested presentation has been "Online Services - the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly". In this timely, but humorous, presentation, Glenn talks about some of the interesting uses people/companies are making of the Internet, mistakes people make on the Internet, and the dangers of the Internet. He gives valuable advice about how to protect our computers (and our identity) from the evils of the Internet and our own foolish mistakes. 
Glenn is well qualified to speak on the subject. As the owner of ASKaPRO Internet Services, he hosts, manages and/or advises on more than 150 websites and thousands of email accounts for organizations throughout the United States, Canada and several foreign countries.  In order to keep his customers happy, he is fighting a constant battle against spam, POS attacks, Phishing attempts, and viruses. He is also a domain registrar,
able to register domain names at some of the lowest rates in the industry. 
He also works for NCR Corporation's ATM Management Operations.  In his work of helping banks manage their ATMs, he has gained an interest in combating ATM/Bank scams and identity theft - and will share some of these insights in this popular presentation. 
Glenn has been active in his community, holding membership in local chambers of commerce and other organizations. He led a team which organized and managed two successful technology expos in 2004, and is a consultant for a February 2007 Technology Expo.  His advice is frequently requested in technological matters. 
Although Glenn prefers to prepare presentations tailored to each organization's unique needs, he has several presentations which can be easily adapted to meet your organization's needs. 
  • Internet / Online Services:  Search Engine Optimization; Selling via e-Bay; setting up payments via PayPal; creating and maintaining websites; and online scams.  Glenn's many years of experience as an Internet professional has given him unique insights into the arena of online services, his training as a communicator has given him the skills to present these subjects in an enlightening and entertaining manner. 
  • Motivation / Inspiration: Glenn's training as a pastor taught him the psyche of the human brain, and has given him the skills to understand, motivate and inspire others. 
  • Education / Training: As a Junior Achievement Volunteer, Glenn has taught classes at the local high school about the importance of staying in school. In his various careers, he has trained employees in their job responsibilities.  His experience and skills can be used to teach or train your members/employees. 
  • Ethics / Customer Service / Public Relations
  • Advertising / Marketing
  • Communication / Leadership: It is well known that the people who get ahead in their careers and lives are those who can communicate effectively. As an Advanced Communicator and Leader in the Toastmasters' organization, Glenn has given many presentations and mentored many people in these skills. 
  • Religion :  As a trained and ordained Lutheran minister, Glenn is well qualified to speak on Religious and Inspirational subjects. His understanding of God's love for sinful people permeates his religious presentations.  He spent many years as a full-time minister before retiring to pursue secular interests. He continues to provide pastoral assistance as needed during congregational vacancies (currently serving a congregation in Fairfax, VA), and is very involved in synodical matters for the CLC (Church of the Lutheran Confession), headquartered in Eau Claire, WI.  A few of the hundreds of religious presentions he has given deal with teenage rebellion, the unique responsibilities given to Christians, the proper balance of Law and Gospel in the Christian's life, why bad things happen to God's people, what to look for in a true teaching church, keeping Christ centered in our lives, and many more. 
Because of Glenn's extensive experiences, he is capable and happy to develop a specific presentation for your organization's needs.
For more information on any of these presentations, or to request a special presentation, contact Glenn Oster at 803-361-2739 or


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